Законы Дании

The Constitutional Act ofDenmark ofJune5, 1953
The Constitutional Act ofDenmark ofJune5, 1953
Act onEthnic Equal Treatment
Act onLegal Counseling
Parliamentary Election Act (1987, latest amendments 1991)
Parliamentary Election Act ofDenmark
Act No. 375on Danish courses for adult aliens
Act onGuidance inRelation toChoice ofEducation, Training and Career
Act onPromotion ofDoping-free Sport— Act No.1438 of22December 2004
Act onStatistics Denmark no599, 2000
Act onthe Retreival ofaStatement ofPrevious Convictions inRespect ofChildren onthe Appointment ofStaff etc.2006
Act onurban renewal and urban development
Aliens (Consolidation) Act (2001, amended 2002)
Aliens (Consolidation) Act (2006)
Aliens (Consolidation) Act No. 945/ 2006
Aliens (Consolidation) Act No. 945/ 2006
Aliens Order
Consolidated Act onDanish Nationality (2003, asamended 2004)
Consolidated Nationality Danish Act (Ministry ofJustice, January 1999)
Consolidation Act No.839 June 2005 The Integration Act
Consolidation Act onBenefits inthe Event ofIllness and Childbirth (2001)
Consolidation Act onDanish Nationality 422/2004
Consolidation Act onIndividual Housing Benefits
Consolidation Act onIndividual Housing Benefits 2006
Consolidation Act onLegal Protection and Administration inSocial Matters
Consolidation Act onLegal Protection and Administration inSocial Matters 2006
Consolidation Act onRent 2006
Consolidation Act onSocial Housing, etc.2006
Consolidation Act onSocial Pensions
Consolidation Act onSocial Services 2004
Consolidation Act onSocial Services 2007
Consolidation Act onTemporary Regulation ofHousing Conditions 2004
Consolidation Act onthe Rent ofSocial Dwellings 2006
Consolidation act onSocial Housing and Subsidised Dwellings inPrivate Housing Cooperatives, etc.2005
Consolidation ofthe Act onIntegration ofAliens inDenmark
Danish Act onthe Civil Registration System
Danish Preparedness Act 2004
Executive Order onAliens’ Access toDenmark (Aliens Order) (2005)
Executive order onthe issue ofresidence and work permits for students
Museum Act— Act no.473 ofJune7, 2001
The Folkeskole (Consolidation) Act
The Ombudsman Act
The Ombudsman Act No.473 of12June 1996
The Planning Act inDenmark Consolidated Act No.763 of2001
The Top-level Sport Act— Act No.288 of26. April 2004
University Act
Act onMeasures toPrevent Money Laundering and Financing ofTerrorism
Consolidated Act onmeasures toprevent money laundering and financing ofterrorism 2004
Criminal Code Provisions concerning Terrorism
Act onGender Equality (2000)
Act onGender Equality 2002
Danish Act onthe Civil Registration System
Danish Adoption (Consolidation) Act
Danish Contracts Act
Danish Contracts Act
Rent (Consolidation) Act 2004
Act onActions for Injunctions for the Protection ofConsumers’ Interest
Act onCertain Consumer Contracts
Act onConsumer Complaints
Act onactions for injunctions for the protection ofconsumers’ interest NO1257/ 2000
Danish Sale ofGoods Act
Danish sale ofgoods act
Products Liability Act 1989
The Act onCertain Payment Instruments
The Marketing Practices Act
The Marketing Practices Act
The Travel Guarantee Fund Act
The Travel Guarantee Fund Act
Consolidated Competition Act No. 785/ 2005
Executive order onthe calculation ofturnover inthe Competition Act
The Danish Act onthe Central Business Register no598, 2000
The Danish Private Companies Act
The Danish Public Companies Act 2000
Act concerning posting ofworkers
Company Pension Funds Act
Consolidated Act onArbejdsmarkedets Tillжgspension
Consolidated Danish Working Environment Act 1999
Consolidation Act onEqual Pay toMen and Women (2003)
Consolidation Act onEqual Treatment ofMen and Women asregards Access toEmployment and Maternity Leave, etc.2002
Consolidation Act onEqual Treatment ofMen and onEqual Treatment ofMen and Women inrespect ofEmployment and Maternity Leave (2002)
Gender Equality (Consolidation) Act (2002)
Holiday Act No.396 of31May 2000
The Act onEqual Pay toMen and Women
The Employers’ and Salaried Employees’(Legal Relationship)(Consolidation) Act, 1996
Worker’s Compensation Act (2003)
Working Environment Act
Act onPatient Safety inthe Danish Health Care System
Act prohibiting tobacco advertising etc. No492/ 2001
Danish Act onDamages for Pharmaceutical Injuries
Health Care Act
Law No.350 of13June 1973on the interruption ofpregnancy
Law No.482 of1July 1998on patients’ rights.
Medicines Act, No.1180 of12December 2005
Pharmacy Act, No.279 of6June 1984
Smoke-free Environments Act 512/ 2007
Statutory order onlimit values, measurement methods, labelling, product descriptions etc for tobacco products (no817)
The Danish Liability for Damages Act
The Danish Patient Insurance Act
Tobacco Products Act 375/2002
Insurance Mediation Act
Consolidated Act ontaxes oncertain types ofpackaging, bags, disposable tableware and PVC foils 2001
Act amending the Financial Business Act, the Guarantee Fund for None-life Insurance Companies, the Investment Associations and Special-Purpose Associations aswell asother Collective Investment Schemes etc. Act, the Act onMeasures toPrevent Money Laundering and Financing ofTerrorism, the Price Marking and Display Act etc. and other Acts
Act onCertain Payment Instruments
Act onCommercial Enterprises’ Presentation ofFinancial Statements, etc. (the Danish Financial Statements Act)
Act onForeign Exchange
Act onInvestment Associations and Special-Purpose Associations aswell asother Collective Investment Schemes etc.
Assessment ofForeign Qualifications Act (LBK 74/2003)
Auditor General’s Act, The
Business for Profit, Act onUndertakings Carryingon [Consolidation Act]
Bylaws ofthe National bank ofDenmark
Consolidated Supervision ofCompany Pension Funds Act
Cross Border Currency Transfer Act
Cross Border Currency Transfer Act
Executive Order onPublic Lending Right Remuneration
Financial Business Act 2005
Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors Act
Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors Act /
Investment Associations and Special-Purpose Associations Consolidated Act
Investment Companies Consolidated Act
LDPensions Act
Mortgage-Credit Loans and Mortgage-Credit Bonds etc. Act
National bank ofDenmark Act
Securities Trading, etc. Act 2005
The Auditor General’s Act
Act 399on Radio andTV activities Standards for Transmission ofTVSignals
Act no.1266 of20December 2000on Auction ofLicences for 3rd Generation Mobile Telephone Networks (3G)
Act onCable Laying Access and Expropriation etc. for Telecommunications Purposes
Act onCompetitive Conditions and Consumer Interests inthe Telecommunications Market
Act onProcessing ofPersonal Data
Act onRadio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment and Electromagnetic Matters
Act onRadio Frequencies
Act onthe Establishment and Joint Utilization ofMasts for Radiocommunications Purposes etc.
Act onthe High-Technology Foundation
Act regarding library services
Act regarding library services
Consolidated Public Lending Right Remuneration Act No. 21ofJanuary11, 2000
Danish Radio and Television Broadcasting Act 2002
The Act onProcessing ofPersonal Data
The Act onTertiary Artistic Education Institutions No.889, 2000
The Film Act No186 ofMarch12, 1997
The Literature Act No.477 ofJune12, 1996
Act onEnvironment and Genetic Engineering No.356 ofJune6, 1991
Act onAccess toInformation onthe Environment No.292 ofApril27, 1994
Act onWaste Deposits No.420 ofJune13, 1990
Act onthe Protection ofthe Marine Environement, the Safety ofships Act, and Merchant Shipping Act (Exclusive Economic Zones Act) No.394 ofMay22, 1996
Act onthe Protection ofthe Marine Environment No.476 ofJune30, 1993
Consolidated Act onChemical Substances and Products No. 21ofJanuary16, 1996
Consolidated Act from the Ministry ofthe Environment onWatercourses No.404 ofMay19, 1992
Consolidated Act onTaxes onWaste and Raw Materials No. 570og August3, 1998
Consolidated Act onWater Supply No.130 of26February 19
Consolidated Environment And Genetic Engineering Act Act No. 981Of December 2002
Consolidated Environmental Protection Act No.698 ofSeptember22, 1998
Contaminated Soil Act No.370 ofJune2, 1999
The Danish Forest Act 1989 Act no383
Act oninventions atpublic research institutions
Consolidated Act onCopyright No.164 ofMarch12, 2003
The Consolidate Trade Marks Act
The Danish Plant Variety Protection Act
The Designs Act
Act no1209 of27December 1996 The Electricity Saving Trust Bill
Act no485 ofJune 1996 topromote energy and water savings inbuildings
Act no585 of24th June 2005 toPromote Energy Savings inBuildings
Act no.1384 ofDecember20, 2004on Energinet Denmark
Act no.376 ofJune2, 1999, onCO2 Quotas for Electricity Production
Act no.449 of31May 2000, the Natural Gas Supply Act
Act no.450 of31May 2000on the promotion ofsavings inenergy consumption
Act no.772 of24July 2000, the Heat Supply Act (pdf-file)
Bill no.234, The Electricity Supply Bill (Act no.375) (pdf-file)
Bill no.235, Bill omCO2 Quotas for Electricity Production (Act no.376)
Bill no.236, Bill toamend the Act onSubsidies for Electricity Production (Act no.377) (pdf-file)
Bill no.238, Bill toamend the Heat Supply Act (Act no.379)
Consilidated Act no.526 of11June 2002on the use ofthe Danish Subsoil
Consolidation ofthe Act onElectricity Supply No286, 20. April 2005
Energy Sources etc. (Act no.378)
Executive Order no.350 of3May 2000on energy-saving activities inpublic electricity supply undertakings
Hydrocarbon Tax Act from 2003
The Planning Act inDenmark 1999
Competition Act
—Act onElectronical Signature
E-Commerce Act
E-commerce Act
The E-Commerce Act No227 /2002
Damarks nationalbank
Danish Competition Authority
Danish Consumer Protection
Danish Energy Authority
Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Danish Prison and Probation Service
Danske Lov (Retsinformation)
Ministry ofFinance
Ministry ofHealth
Ministry ofRefugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs
Ministry ofSocial Affairs
Ministry ofTaxation
National Bank ofDenmark
National ITand Telecom Agency
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