Законы Джерси

Human Rights (Jersey) Law 2000
Advocates And Solicitors (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2003
Advocates And Solicitors (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2008
Advocates and Solicitors (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2010
Court OfAppeal (Amendment No.8) (Jersey) Law 2008
Court ofAppeal (Civil) Rules 1964
Court ofAppeal (Criminal) Rules 1964
Court ofAppeal (Fees) Rules 1964
Court ofAppeal (Jersey) Law 1961
Departments OfThe Judiciary And The Legislature (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2007
Law Revision (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2006
Law Revision (Jersey) Law 2003
Law Revision (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 2006
Magistrate’s Court (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 1949
Royal Court (Amendment No.12) (Jersey) Law 2010
Royal Court (Jersey) Law 1948
The Law Society OfJersey (Amendment) Law 2006
The Law Society OfJersey (Amendment) Law 2010
The Law Society ofJersey Law 2005
Political Parties (Registration) (Jersey) Law 2008
Public Elections (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2008
Public Elections (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2008
Public Elections (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2003
Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002
Public Elections (Jersey) Regulations 2002
Referendum (Jersey) Law 2002
Administrative Decisions (Review) (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2006
Burials And Exhumations (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Dogs (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2006
Education (Jersey) Law 1999
Gambling Commission (Jersey) Law 2010
Immigration (Jersey) Order 1993
Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (Jersey) Order 2003
Legitimacy (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Public Finances (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2008
Social Security (Amendment No.18) (Jersey) Law 2005
Social Security (Jersey) Law 1974
Social Security (Television Licence Benefit) (Jersey) Law 2006
The Asylum And Immigration Act 1996 (Jersey) Order 1998
The Immigration And Asylum Act 1999 (Jersey) Order 2003
Tourism (Jersey) Law 1948
Weights and Measures (Jersey) Law 1967
Child Abduction And Custody (Jersey) Law 2005
Child Custody (Jurisdiction) (Jersey) Law 2005
Corruption (Jersey) Law 2006
Crime (Disorderly Conduct And Harassment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Crime (Transnational Organized Crime) (Jersey) Law 2008
Crime and Security (Jersey) Law 2003
Criminal Justice (Community Service Orders) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Criminal Justice (Evidence and Procedure) (Jersey) Law 1998
Criminal Justice (Forfeiture Orders) (Jersey) Law 2001
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Criminal Justice (Jersey) Law 1957
Criminal Justice (Mandatory Minimum Periods ofActual Imprisonment) (Jersey) Law 2005
Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) (No.2) (Jersey) Law 2007
Criminal Justice (Suspension OfPrison Sentences) (Jersey) Law 2003
Criminal Justice Act 1987 (Jersey) Order 1989
Criminal Law (Child Abduction) (Jersey) Law 2005
Criminal Procedure (Connйtables And Centeniers) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2009
Criminal Procedure (Prescription ofOffences) (Jersey) Law 1999
Drug Trafficking Offences (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Drug Trafficking Offences (Jersey) Law 1988
Extradition (Jersey) Law 2004
Misuse OfDrugs (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2000
Misuse OfDrugs (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2003
Misuse ofDrugs (Jersey) Law 1978
Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 1999
Police (Complaints And Discipline) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Police Force (Amendment No.11) (Jersey) Law 2009
Prison (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2004
Proceeds OfCrime (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Proceeds OfCrime (Cash Seizure) (Jersey) Law 2008
Proceeds OfCrime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008
Proceeds ofCrime (Jersey) Law 1999
Sex Offenders (Jersey) Law 2010
Sexual Offences (Jersey) Law 2007
Summary Fines (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Jersey) Law 2009
Summary Fines (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Jersey) Law 2010
Terrorism (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2008
Terrorism (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2009
Terrorism (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2006
Terrorism (Jersey) Law 2002
Children (Jersey) Law 2002
Civil Asset Recovery (International Co-operation) (Jersey) Law 2007
Civil Evidence (Jersey) Law 2003
Civil Proceedings (Jersey) Law 1956
Marriage And Civil Status (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2008
Marriage And Civil Status (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Marriage and Civil Status (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2010
Marriage and Civil Status (Jersey) Law 2001
Residential Tenancy (Jersey) Law 2009
Wills and Successions (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2010
Wills and Successions (Jersey) Law 1993
Consumer Safety (Jersey) Law 2006
Consumer Safety (Jersey) Law 2006
Distance Selling (Jersey) Law 2007
Goods And Services Tax (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2008
Liquor (Restrictions OnConsumption) (Jersey) Law 2005
Price And Charge Indicators (Jersey) Law 2008
Shops (Regulation ofOpening and Deliveries) (Jersey) Law 2009
Weights And Measures (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2007
Companies (Amendment No.1) (Jersey) Regulations 2006
Companies (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Regulations 2009
Companies (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 1999
Companies (Amendment No.6) (Jersey) Law 2002
Companies (Amendment No.7) (Jersey) Law 2002
Companies (Amendment No.8) (Jersey) Law 2005
Companies (Amendment No.9) (Jersey) Law 2008
Companies (Annual returns— additional charge) (Jersey) Regulations 2008
Companies (GAAP) (Jersey) Order 2010
Companies (General Provisions) (Jersey) Order 2002
Companies (Jersey) Law 1991
Companies (Standard Table) (Jersey) Order 1992
Companies (Subsidiaries) (Jersey) Order 2003
Companies (Takeovers And Mergers Panel) (Jersey) Law 2009
Companies (Uncertificated Securities) (Jersey) Order 1999
Competition (Jersey) Law 2005
Competition (Jersey) Law 2005
Foundations (Additional Annual Charge) (Jersey) Regulations 2010
Foundations (Continuance) (Jersey) Regulations 2009
Foundations (Jersey) Law 2009
Foundations (Mergers) (Jersey) Regulations 2009
Foundations (Winding Up) (Jersey) Regulations 2009
Incorporated Limited Partnerships (Jersey) Law 2010
Insurance Business (Amendment No.6) (Jersey) Law 2008
Investment Business (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2000
Investment Business (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 1999
Limited Liability Partnerships (Jersey) Law 1997
Limited Partnerships (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2009
Limited Partnerships (Jersey) Law 1994
Non-profit Organizations (Jersey) Law 2008
Registration ofBusiness Names (Jersey) Law 1956
Separate Limited Partnerships (Jersey) Law 2010
Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2007
Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) (Jersey) Law 1973
Employment (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2007
Employment (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2007
Employment (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2010
Employment (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2005
Employment (Jersey) Law 2003
Employment Relations (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2007
Employment Relations (Jersey) Law 2007
Health and Safety atWork (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2009
Health and Safety atWork (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2010
Health and Safety atWork (Jersey) Law 1989
Income Support (Jersey) Law 2007
Public Employees (Retirement) (Amendment No.6) (Jersey) Law 2007
Food Safety (Jersey) Law 1966
Health (Implementation) (Jersey) Law 2009
Health Care (Registration) (Jersey) Law 1995
Health Insurance (Jersey) Law 1967
Medicines (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2005
Medicines (Jersey) Law 1995
Mental Health (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2010
Mental Health (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2004
Mental Health (Jersey) Law 1969
Nursing And Residential Homes (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2004
Nursing And Residential Homes (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2003
Pharmacy and Poisons (Jersey) Law 1952
Restriction OnSmoking (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2006
Restriction OnSmoking (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2006
Termination OfPregnancy (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2005
Customs And Excise (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2007
Customs And Excise (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2008
Customs And Excise (Amendment No.6) (Jersey) Law 2009
Customs and Excise (Jersey) Law 1999
Goods And Services Tax (Jersey) Law 2007
Goods and Services Tax (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2010
Income Support (Jersey) Law 2007
Income Tax (Amendment No.22) (Jersey) Law 2003
Income Tax (Amendment No.23) (Jersey) Law 2004
Income Tax (Amendment No.24) (Jersey) Law 2005
Income Tax (Amendment No.25) (Jersey) Law 2006
Income Tax (Amendment No.26) (Jersey) Law 2007
Income Tax (Amendment No.27) (Jersey) Law 2007
Income Tax (Amendment No.28) (Jersey) Law 2007
Income Tax (Amendment No.29) (Jersey) Law 2008
Income Tax (Amendment No.30) (Jersey) Law 2010
Income Tax (Amendment No.33) (Jersey) Law 2010
Income Tax (Amendment No.34) (Jersey) Law 2010
Income Tax (Amendment No.35) (Jersey) Law 2010
Income Tax (Jersey) Law 1961
Taxation (Implementation) (Jersey) Law 2004
Taxation (Land Transactions) (Jersey) Law 2009
Banking Business (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2004
Banking Business (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2007
Banking Business (Amendment No.6) (Jersey) Law 2008
Banking Business (Depositors Compensation) (Jersey) Regulations 2008
Banking Business (General Provisions) (Jersey) Order 2002
Banking Business (Jersey) Law 1991
Banking and Financial Dealings (Jersey) Law 1973
Bankruptcy (Dйsastre) (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2006
Bankruptcy (Netting, Contractual Subordination and Non-Petition Provisions) (Jersey) Law 2005
Collective Investment Funds (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2008
Finance (2010Budget) (Jersey) Law 2010
Finance (Jersey) Law 2006
Finance (Jersey) Law 2007
Finance (Jersey) Law 2008
Financial Regulation (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 2009
Financial Services (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2005
Financial Services (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2008
Financial Services (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2008
Financial Services (Extension) (Jersey) Law 2000
Financial Services (Financial Service Business) (Jersey) Order 2009
Financial Services Commission (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2007
Legal Deposit (Jersey) Law 2007
Public Finances (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2006
Security Interests (Jersey) Law 1983
Trusts (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2006
Insurance Business (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2000
Insurance Business (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2002
Insurance Business (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2003
Insurance Business (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2007
Communications(Jersey) Order 2003
Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005
Electronic Communications (Jersey) Law 2000
Telecommunications (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2006
Telecommunications (Jersey) Law 2002
Telecommunications (Jersey) Law 2002
The Postal Services (Jersey) Order 2006
Unlawful Public Entertainments (Jersey) Regulations 2007
Civil Aviation (Jersey) Law 2008
Civil Aviation Act 1982 (Jersey) Order 1990
Civil Aviation Authority Regulations 1972
Harbours (Administration) (Amendment No.7) (Jersey) Law 2008
Highways (Amendment No.4) (Jersey Law 2006
Highways (Jersey) Law 1956
Maritime Security (Jersey) Order 1996
Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution Compensation Limits) Order 2003
Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Jersey) Order 1997
Merchant Shipping Act 1937 Order inCouncil 1939
Road Traffic (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2005
Road Traffic (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2007
Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956
Roads Administration (Jersey) Law 1960
Shipping (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2009
Shipping (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2003
Shipping (Jersey) Law 2002
Shipping (Local Small Ships Registration) (Jersey) Regulations 2004
Shipping (Registration) (Jersey) Regulations 2004
Territorial Sea Act 1987 (Jersey) (Amendment) Order 2002
Territorial Sea Act 1987 (Jersey) Order 1997
The Air Navigation (Jersey) Order 2008
Animal Welfare (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2006
Animal Welfare (Jersey) Law 2004
Sea Fisheries (Jersey) Law 1994
Waste Management (Jersey) Law 2005
Water (Jersey) Law 1972
Water Pollution (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2007
Water Pollution (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2003
Water Pollution (Jersey) Law 2000
Water Resources (Jersey) Law 2007
Merchandise Marks (Jersey) Law 1958
Patents (Jersey) Law 1957
Patents Rules 1982
Registered Designs (Jersey) Law 1957
Registered Designs Rules 1958
Trade Marks (Jersey) Law 2000
Trade Marks Rules 2000
Electricity (Jersey) Law 1937
Jersey Gas Company (Jersey) Law 1989
Petroleum (Amendment No.2) (Jersey) Law 2006
Petroleum (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2002
Petroleum (Jersey) Law 1984
Housing (Amendment No.10) (Jersey) Law 2002
Housing (Amendment No.11) (Jersey) Law 2004
Housing (Amendment No.12) (Jersey) Law 2006
Housing (Jersey) Law 1949
Planning And Building (Amendment No.3) (Jersey) Law 2005
Planning And Building (Amendment No.4) (Jersey) Law 2007
Planning And Building (Amendment No.5) (Jersey) Law 2010
Planning And Building (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2005
Fertilisers And Feeding Stuffs (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2005
Veterinary Surgeons (Jersey) Law 1999
Computer Misuse (Jersey) Law 1995
Electronic Communications (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2007
Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jersey Law
Jersey Law Commission
Jersey Legal Information Board
States Assembly

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