Законы Латвии

Constitution ofthe Republic ofLatvia
Constitution ofthe Republic ofLatvia
Constitution ofthe Republic ofLatvia
Law «Onthe Unrestricted Development and Right toCultural Autonomy ofLatvia’s Nationalities and Ethnic Groups». Adopted on19March 1991
Law onInformation Accessibility. Adopted on29October 1998
Law onMeetings, Street Processions and Pickets (1997)
Advocacy Law ofthe Republic ofLatvia
Constitutional Court Law
Constitutional Court Law
Disciplinary Liability ofJudges Law
Judicial Power
Judicial Power
Notariate Law
Office ofthe Prosecutor Law
Public Prosecutor’s Office Law. Adopted on19May 1994
State Audit Office Law
Election Law OnCity and Town Councils, District Councils and Pagasts Councils (1994as amended 2004)
Electoral Register Law (2004
Electoral Register Law (2004)
Law onFinancing ofPolitical Organisations (Parties)
Law onthe Central Election Commission (1994, asamended 2002)
Law onthe Saema Rules ofProcedure (1994)
The Saeima (Parliament) Election Law (1995 lastly amended 2006)
Administrative Procedure Law
Asylum Law
Citizenship Law
Citizenship Law. Adopted on22July 1994
Education Law (with amendments to05.02.2004.)
General Education Law
Immigration Law
Latvian Administrative Violations Code (with amendments to03.07.2008)
Law «OnEminent Domain». Adopted on15September 1992
Law «Onthe Entry and Residence ofForeign Citizens and Stateless Persons inthe Republic ofLatvia». Adopted on9June 1992
Law «Onthe Rehabilitation ofUnlawfully Repressed Persons». Adopted on3August 1990
Law OnAsylum Seekers and Refugees inRepublic ofLatvia
Law OnInstitutions ofHigher Education
Law OnLocal Governments
Law OnState Social Insurance
Law OnStateless Persons (2004)
Law ofthe State Culture capital Foundation
Law onCitizenship
Law onEntry into and Residence inthe Republic ofLatvia ofAliens and Stateless Persons
Law onState Information Systems (with amendments to31.05.2007)
Law onState Social Allowances
Law onthe State Audit Office
Mandatory Military Service Law
Military Service Law
National Security Law
Official Language Law
Ombudsman Law (2006)
Personal Identification Documents Law
Population Register Law
Public Benefit Organisation Law
Regulations No. 13ofthe Cabinet ofMinisters ofthe Republic ofLatvia «The Procedure for Documenting Loss and Restoration ofthe Citizenshipof Latvia» (January9, 2001)
Regulations No.137 ofthe Cabinet ofMinisters ofthe Republic ofLatvia «Regulations ofthe Naturalization Board » (February22, 2005)
Regulations No. 32ofthe Cabinet ofMinisters ofthe Republic ofLatvia «The Procedure for the Acceptance and Review ofthe Application onthe Recognition ofaChild toBe aCitizen ofLatvia
Regulations ofthe Cabinet ofMinisters No.234 «Regulations onthe State Duty Payable for Submission ofaNaturalization Application» (Riga, June5, 2001).
Regulations ofthe Cabinet ofMinisters No.34 «The Procedure for the Acceptance and Review ofNaturalization Applications» (February2, 1999);
Sports Law (with amendments to26.10.2006)
State Border Law OfRepublic OfLatvia
Statistics Law
Criminal Code
Criminal Procedure Law (with amendments to17.05.2007)
Law OnPolice— with amendments to14.04.05.
Law OnPolice— with amendments to14.09.06
Law onthe Convention onLaundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation ofthe Proceeds from Crime
Law onthe Prevention ofLaundering ofProceeds Derived from Criminal Activity
Law onthe Prevention ofthe Laundering ofthe Proceeds from Crime
Prevention ofCorruption Law
Prisons Administration Law
The Criminal Law
The Sentence Execution Code ofLatvia
Children’s Rights Protection Law. Adopted on19June 1998
Civil Procedure Law
Civil Status Documents Law
Construction Law
Document Legalisation Law (2007)
Land Register Law
Law OnLand Privatisation inRural Areas (with amendments to21.06.2007)
Law OnLand Use and Land Survey (with amendments to08.01.2007)
Law OnResidential Property
Law onResidential Tenancy
The Civil Law
Youth Law
Consumer Rights Protection Law
Handling ofAlcoholic Beverages Law
Law OnForeign Investment inthe Republic ofLatvia
Law OnLiability for Defective Goods and Deficient Services
Law OnProtection Against Subsidised Imports
Law OnSafeguarding the Domestic Market
Law OnUniformity ofMeasurements
Law onAdvertising
Law onthe Safety ofGoods and Services (2004)
Standardisation Law
The Commercial Law
Unfair Commercial Practice Prohibition Law
Associations and Foundations Law
Co-operative Societies Law
Competition Law
Competition Law (04.10.2001)
Group ofCompanies Law
Law OnEuropean Commercial Companies (2005)
Employers’ Organisations and the Associations thereof Law
Labour Dispute Law
Labour Law
Law «OnTrade Unions». Adopted on13December 1990
Law OnTrade Unions
Law OnUnemployment Insurance
OnWork Safety
State Labour Inspectorate Law
Strike Law
Vocational Education Law
Epidemiological Safety Law— with amendments to10.04.2008.
Law OnProcedures for the Legal Trade ofNarcotic and Psychotropic Substances and Medicinal Products
Law OnRestriction Regarding Sale, Advertising and Use ofTobacco Products
Law Onthe Supervision ofthe Handling offood
Medical Treatment Law— with amendments to08.05.2008.
Pharmaceutical Law— with amendments to24.04.2008
Pharmacy Law— with amendments to16.04.03
Regulation No.416 Order ofDistribution and Quality Control ofMedicinal Products
Regulation No.436 Procedure ofImport and Export ofMedicinal Products
Regulations No57 Labelling procedure ofmedicinal products and requirements for the package leaflets
Regulations No.803 Regulation onmedicinal products pricing
Regulations No.376 Medicinal Product Registration Procedure
Regulations No.885 Classification procedure ofmedicinal products
Activities ofInsurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries Law (2005)
Lae OnInsurance Companies and Supervision Thereof
Law OnInsurance Contracts
Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance ofOwners ofMotor Vehicles Law
Regulations onPreparation ofPublic Quarterly Reports ofthe Insurers
Customs Law
Customs Law
Electricity Tax Law
Electricity Tax Law (2006)
Law OnEnterprise Income Tax
Law OnEnterprise Income Tax
Law OnNatural Resources Tax
Law OnNatural Resources Tax
Law onExcise Duties
Law onExcise Duties
Law onImmovable Property Tax
Law onImmovable Property Tax
Law onPersonal Income Tax
Law onTaxes and Fees
Law onValue Added Tax
Law onthe Application ofTaxes inFree Ports and Special Economic Zones
Natural Resources Tax Law
Annual Accounts Law
Annual Accounts Law
Credit Institution Law
Credit Institution Law— with amendments to22.02.2007
Credit Union Law
Deposit Guarantee Law
Financial Collateral Law
Insurance Contract Law
Internal Audit Law
Investor Protection Law
Law OnBudget and Financial Management— with amendments to14.11.2008
Law OnForeign Investment inthe Republic ofLatvia
Law Onthe Insolvency ofUndertakings and Companies
Law onAccounting
Law onAccounting
Law onBank Takeover
Law onConsolidated Annual Accounts
Law onConsolidated Annual Accounts
Law onInvestment Management Companies
Law onInvestment Management Companies
Law onMortgage Bonds
Law onPrivate Pension Funds
Law onState Funded Pensions
Law onSworn Auditors
Law onSworn Auditors
Law onthe Annual Accounts ofUndertakings
Law onthe Bank ofLatvia
Law onthe Financial Instruments Market
Law onthe Financial and Capital Market Commission
Law onthe Prevention ofLaundering ofProceeds Derived from Criminal Activity
Regulation Governing Transactions
Regulation No.306 «Procedures for the Performance ofthe Internal Audit inanInstitution»
Regulation No.307 «Procedures for the Certification ofInternal Auditors»
Regulation No.466 «Regulations regarding the basic demands for setting upaninternal control system»
Regulation No.55 «Procedures for the Performance ofthe Peer Review ofthe Work ofInternal Audit Units»
Regulation No.625 «By-laws ofthe Internal Audit Council»
Regulation for Calculating and Fulfilling the Minimum Reserve Requirements for Banks
Regulation for Issuance and Maintenance ofElectronic Money
Regulation for Purchasing and Selling Cash Foreign Currencies
Regulation for the Securities Settlement System ofthe Bank ofLatvia
Regulations for Calculating the Minimum Capital Requirements
Regulations onIncome and Expense Accounts ofCredit Institutions and Credit Unions
Regulations onthe Compliance with Restrictions onExposures
Regulations onthe Issue ofCredit Institution and Credit Union Operating Licences
Regulations onthe Operation ofthe State-funded Pension Scheme
The Regulation for Lats Banknotes and Coins
Advertising Law (20.12.1999)
Freedom ofInformation Law
Latvian Electronic Mass Media Act
Law OnInformation Society Services (2004)
Law OnOfficial Secrets
Law Onthe Press and Other Mass Media
Law onArchives (with amendments to16.06.2005)
Law onLibraries
Museums Law (with amendments to25.10.2007)
Personal Data Protection Law
Radio and Television Law
Carriage byRail Law
Freeport ofRiga Regulations
Law OnPorts
Law onPorts
Law onRailways
Maritime Administration and Marine Safety Law
Maritime Code
Road Transport Law
The Freeport ofRiga Law
Animal Protection Law
Animal Protection Law
Anti-dumping Law
Chemical Substances and Chemical Products Law
Environmental Protection Law
Fishery Law
Fishery Law— with amendments to26.05.2005
Forestry Law
Hunting Law (2003)
Law OnEnd-of life vehicles management
Law OnEnvironmental Impact Assessment (amendm till 2005)
Law OnEnvironmental Protection
Law OnEnvironmental Protection
Law OnPollution
Law OnPollution
Law OnSpecially Protected Nature Territories (1993)
Law OnSpecially Protected Nature Territories (with amendments to10.05.2007)
Law OnSubterranean Depths
Law onChemical Substances and Chemical Products
Law onthe Conservation ofSpecies and Biotopes
Law onthe Conservation ofSpecies and Biotopes (16.03.2000) with amendments until 15.09.2005
Packaging Law (09.01.2002.)
Protection Zone Law (05.02.1997)
Regulation No.118 adopted onMarch12, 2002 «Regulations regarding the Quality ofSurface Waters and Groundwaters»,
Regulation No.280 Adopted24 April 2007 «General Procedures for the Issue ofLicences for the Use ofSubterranean Depths and Authorisations for the Extraction ofWidespread Mineral Resources, and for the Use ofGeological Information
Regulation No. 34„Regulations regarding Discharge ofPolluting Substances into Water“ (22.01.2002)
Regulation No.475 „Procedures regarding the Cleaning and Deepening ofSurface Water Bodies and Port Basins“ 13.06.2006
Regulation No.595 Adopted18 July 2006 „Regulations regarding the Protection ofthe Environment during the Works ofExploration and Extraction ofHydrocarbons inthe Sea“
Regulation No.736 „Regulations Regarding aPermit for the Use ofWater Resources“ 23.12.2003
Regulation No.779 Adopted19 September 2006 „Procedures for the Extraction ofMineral Resources“
Regulation No.857 „Regulations regarding Procedures for Ascertaining ofGroundwater Resources and Criteria ofQuality“ 19.10.2004
Regulations Regarding the Limitation ofEmissions ofVolatile Organic Compounds From Certain Products
Regulations no184 Requirements for Activities with Biocidal Products
Regulations no340on Procedures for Import, Notification and Risk Assessment ofNew Chemical Substances» (06.08.2002)
Regulations onelectrical and electronic equipment waste management» (09.11.2004.)
Regulations regarding Protection ofWater and Soil from Pollution with Nitrates Caused byAgricultural Sources»
Regulations regarding Restrictions and Prohibitions onUse and Marketing ofDangerous Chemical Substances and Dangerous Chemical Products»
Regulations regarding Restrictions ofthe Use ofChemicals inElectric and Electronic Equipment
Tourism Law
Waste Management Law
Waste Management Law
Water Management Law
Water Management Law
Copyright Law
Law OnDesigns (with amendments to08.02.2007)
Law onIndustrial Design Protection (lapsed April15, 2004)
Law onProtection ofTopographies ofSemiconductor Products
Law onProtection ofTopographies ofSemiconductor Products (entered into force April30, 1998)
Law onTrademarks
Law onTrademarks and Geographical Indications
Law onTrademarks and Indications ofGeographical Origin
Law onTrademarks and Indications ofGeographical Origin (entered into force July15, 1999)
Patent Law
Patent Law
Patent Law (adopted on15February 2007, entered into force on1March 2007)
Patent Law (entered into force April20, 1995)
Patent Law (pdf)
Plant Varieties Protection Law (entered into force May31, 2002)
Plant Varieties Protection Law, 2002
Concessions Law
Electricity Market Law (2005)
Electricity Tax Law (2006)
Energy Law— with amendments to10.05.2001.
Law onEnergy 1998
Law onthe Energy Performance ofBuildings
Construction Law— with amendments to10.03.2005.
Immovable Property State Cadastre Law (2005)
Spatial Planning Law
OnAgriculture and Rural Development (with amendments to18.10.2007)
Veterinary Medicine Law
Electronic Communications Law (with amendments to03.05.2007)
Electronic Documents Law
Electronic Documents Law
Bank ofLatvia laws and regulations
Business Register
Civil Aviation Agency
Competition Council
Customs Service
Data State Inspection
Financial and Capital Market Commission
Freeport ofRiga
Latvian Electoral laws
Latvian Legislation Portal
Latvian laws inEnglish (TTC)
Latvijas Vestnesis
Leagl acts oncitizenship
Ministry ofCulture
Ministry ofAgriculture
Ministry ofEconomics
Ministry ofEducation and Science
Ministry ofEnvironment Environmental legislation
Ministry ofFinance
Ministry ofForeign Affairs
Ministry ofHealth
Ministry ofInterior
Ministry ofJustice
Ministry ofRegional Development and Local-governments
Ministry ofTransport
Ministry ofWelfare
NAIS— Normativo aktu informacijas sistema
Patent Office
Republic ofLatvia Laws and other Instruments Related toHuman Rights
Saeima (Parliament) ofthe Republic ofLatvia
Translation and Terminology Center

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