Законы Вьетнама

Constitution of Vietnam 1992
Constitution of Vietnam 1992
Law on Lawyers
Decree No. 05/1999/ND-CP on the People’s Idendity Card
Decree No. 05/2000/ND-CP on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese Citizens
Decree No. 104/1998/ND-CP Detailing and Guiding the Implementation of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality
Decree No. 78/2009/ND-CP of September 22, 2009, detailing and guiding a number of articles of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality
Law on Education
Law on Nationality of Vietnam 1988
Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008
Ordinance on Entry, Exit, Residence and Travel of Foreigners in Vietnam 1992
Criminal Procedure Code
Penal Code
Civil Code
Decree Providing For Implementation Of Law On Land
Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Land Law (No. 10 of 1998).
Law on Land 1993
Law on Land 2003
Law on Land 2003
Amendment and supplement to the law on foreign investment in Vietnam
Commercial Law
Decree No. 179/2004/ND-CP providing for State management over product and goods quality.
Law on Goods Quality
Law on Investment 2005
Law on Investment 2005
Law on Prices
Law on Standards and technical regulations 2006
The Law amending and supplementing a number of Article of the Law on Export Tax and Import Tax No.4/1998/QH10 of May 20, 1998 by National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Enterprise Law 2005
Enterprise Law 2005
Enterprise Law 2005
Law on Private Enterprises
Labour Code 1994
Labour Code 1994
Loi du 23 juin 1994 portant Code du travail.
Law on HIC/Aids Prevention and Control
Mineral Law 1996
Mineral Law 1996
Mineral Law 1996
Ordinance On Mineral Resources 1993
Decree 85/2007 on Tax Administration
Law on Import/Export Tax
Law on Intellectual Property No. 50/2005/QH11 of November 29, 2005
Law on Tax Administration 2006
Law on Turnover Tax
The Law on Special Consumption Tax No.5/1998/QH10 of May 20, 1998
Decision 01/2008 on Branch, Rep. Office of Non-bank Credit Institutions
Decree 160/2006 on Foreign Exchange Control
Decree 22/2006 on Foreign Banks in Vietnam
Law 70/2006 on Securities
Law on Credit Institutions
Law on Foreign Investment
Law on bankruptcy 2004
Law on business bankruptcy
Law on the State bank of Vietnam on 1997
The Law on Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam on November 12, 1996
Law on Cinematography 2006
Law on Technology Transafer 2006
Decree 71/2006 on Management of Ports & Channels
Maritime Code 2006
Anti Dumping Ordinance
Decree No. 179/1999 Stipulating The Implementation Of The Law On Water Resources
Decree on Sanctions for Administrative Violations (Govt Decree No. 26-CP, 1996)
Law on Environmental Protection 2005
Law on Environmental protection 1993
Law on Environmental protection 1993
Law on water resource
Tourism Law 2005
Copyright (No. 100/2006/ND-CP, Guidelines IP Law), Decree, 2006
Decree 100/2006 on Copyrights
Decree 105/2006 on 2005 IPR Law & State Management of IPR
Decree 106/2006 on Administrative Sanction in IPR
Intellectual property law 2005
Ordinance on Plant Varieties 2004
Order No. 05/2008/L-CTN on the promulgation of the Law Amending and Supplementing a Number of Articles of the Petroleum Law.
Petroleum Law 1993
Petroleum Law 1993
Law on Construction 2003
Law on Housing 2005
Law on Real Estate Business 2006
Law on Tendering 2005
Law on Fisheries
Law on veterinary Medicine
The Basic Law on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas
Law on e-transactions
Law on Commercial Arbitration
APCEL primary legislation
Allens Arthur Robinson Vietnam Laws Online Database
Asianlii Laws of Vietnam
Department of Geology and Minierals
Department of Planning & Investment
Dzungsrt & Associates
General Department of Vietnam Customs
Legislation on OSH Nationa Institute of Labour protection
Luat Vietnam
Mekong Regional Law Center
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Planning and Investment
Ministry of Transport
Novexcn Laws of Vietnam
VLC Vietnames Law Consultants
Vietnam Law Documents
Vietnam Legal Documents
Vietnam’s International Economic Integration : laws
WorldLII : Vietnames Laws

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